A-HA, a performance with theatre and music for children: a project developed during our scholarship in Istanbul at the Tarabya Cultural Academy in 2024. With our partner Hakan Silasizoglu from Attafestival we developed this performance and created it together with the dramaturge Ayşe Draz, the actors Oya Bacak, Anıl Çalım and the musician and sounddesigner Oğuz Öner.

You can learn the German pronounciation with Muckemacher tutorials in the WANDERBUS, created by the Goethe Institute Washington: 

Learn the German pronunciation with Mario and Muckemacher! In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Milan we produced 12 German pronounciation-tutorials with Mario Carlucci. It’s all easier with music! Have fun!

Since 2018 we have been working together with the Goethe Instituts Milan/ Rome/ Sofia and Istanbul on different language projects. 

Among them, there are two DaF (German as a foreign language) SongsHallo, guten Tag” and “Ich gehe meinen Weg” for all German learners with A0 and A1 level. During the pandemic (2020 to 2021) we played via livestream classroom concerts on a regular basis for Italian classes and thus reached about 10.000 students all over Italy. In 2022 we have designed and produced 12 German pronunciation tutorials as “Mario and Muckemacher”.

“Hallo, guten Tag”, produced for the Goethe Institute Milan (2018)

“Ich gehe meinen Weg”, produced for the Goethe-Institute Milan  (2020)

Currently two of our Muckemacher songs are featured in the school magazine for music teachers “POP in der Grundschule” (Lugert Verlag): Our songs “S.O.S.” and “Mama Cool” are professionally presented in a very creative way and full of ideas to show and suggest teachers all they can do in class with the lyrics, beats, harmonies and melodies of our songs. Lugert Verlag

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