Florian Erlbeck
Verena Roth

The Muckemacher are Verena Roth and Florian Erlbeck from Berlin. Inspired by their own children and the musical experience with their previous Munich-based band “Les Babacools”, they have been creating songs and video clips for children in their studio since 2012. With their very own sound and visual aesthetics and a keen sense for current and timeless topics, they not only move children, but also get their parents involved. This mixture makes the whole family dance and celebrate together, for the simple reason that almost nothing sounds like what you normally would expect from children’s music!

The message of the Muckemacher is clear: New music for children is needed! Not nerve-racking and annoying, but great fun even after listening to the same song for 99 times, even for the parents. No matter if cumbia is mixed with reggae, or hip hop with Balkan sound, whether electroswing, afrobeat, mambo, calypso, funk, dub or rocksteady – the Muckemacher let off steam in all their favorite styles and they have mastered this mix very successfully. The many concerts they have played since 2014, impressingly prove that they have hit a nerve with their specific sound. The three albums the Muckemacher have released so far – Diggidiggi Bambam, Kurukuku and Biri Bababai – are brimming with musically and lyrically well-produced songs. Without a major label and absolutely independent, they have become very well-known and by now it is impossible to imagine the children’s music scene without them. Verena’s international background and herself growing up with several languages and cultures ensure that German children’s music can also be different and can appeal to everyone.


Verena Roth (voc/keys), Florian Erlbeck (sax, keys, voc)

 Ilja Coric (git)/ Adrian Reiter (git), Nico Lippolis (dr)

Their lyrics and music are also used in kindergartens, in music classes at elementary schools in Germany and abroad and also in foreign language courses for German learners. Since 2018, they have a collaboration with the Goethe Institute  Milan/ Italy, producing songs with videos, playing concerts and streaming live into classrooms for German language students. They have also developed educational content for students around the world, most recently 12 German pronunciation tutorials. click here for more information and material

Before Verena and Florian became the Muckemacher in Berlin, they, of course spent a very busy and active time in Munich. With their 9-person band “Les Babacools” they were the local heroes of this city and were on the road for many years. Between 1992 and 2006 they played countless concerts, tours (with Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Fishbone, Ska-P and Gentleman) and numerous festivals. They also were very active as DJs and club promoters with the “Babacools Soundsystem”, with Munich’s Backstage and the legendary Atomic Cafe as their home base.